UK's first vegan hotel to open in Perthshire next month

UK's first vegan hotel to open in Perthshire next month

A new boutique hotel that aims to "showcase ethical luxury", is set to open in Pitlochry on 15th June.

The Saorsa 1875 (formally the Birchwood hotel) was taken over my new owner, Jack McLaren-Stewart, and his parents Sandra and John (all vegan), who have spent the last eight months renovating the hotel to ensure a 100% vegan environment. It comprises of 11 bedrooms, all decorated in a "bohemian" style, complete with antique (completely vegan) furniture. It will feature a lounge and restaurant serving a locally sourced, plant-based menu. The grounds boast two acres of woodlands and gardens, and the hotel plans offer outdoor activities as well as health and fitness retreats.

The hotel is completely free from animal products, including non-toxic and non-animal-tested cleaning products and toiletries. Ecotricity has been contracted to provide green energy to the hotel and mini bars will be stocked with locally sourced vegan snacks. 

The family hope to expand the business into more hotels in the future. Sandra said: ““We wanted to create a space where everybody – vegans and otherwise – can come together to celebrate the incredible innovation and diversity that we’re seeing across the movement. This isn’t about abstinence or sacrifice, it’s an environment where guests can experience amazing food, drink and design that doesn’t come at the expense of our fellow animals.”


Emma Richardson