100 Princes Street: Red Carnation Hotels' New Scottish Gem Unveiled

100 Princes Street: Red Carnation Hotels' New Scottish Gem Unveiled

At 100 Princes Street in Edinburgh, Red Carnation Hotels proudly introduces its inaugural Scottish property, blending historical charm with contemporary elegance.

This charming getaway, inspired by Scottish adventurers, offers an exclusive and genuine Scottish experience.

With 30 luxurious ensuite rooms and suites, The Wallace provides a refined accommodation option for discerning travellers and culture enthusiasts in Edinburgh.

Adorning the five-storey staircase is a hand-painted mural narrating the tales of Scottish explorers and their botanical discoveries.

Each room boasts bespoke furnishings, fabrics, and artworks from local craftsmen, alongside carefully selected antiques and maritime design touches.

A collaborative effort involving Toni Tollman, Philippe Bonino, Brian Brennan, and teams from Ashford Castle and Xigura Safari Lodge is in progress for a joint project.

Positioned at the heart of Edinburgh, 100 Princes Street serves as an ideal base for travellers keen to immerse themselves in Scotland's rich heritage and culture. With Scotland's National Gallery and Edinburgh Castle nearby, guests

enjoy convenient access to the city's top attractions while gaining a unique perspective on their historical significance.

Under the skilled guidance of acclaimed South African chef Willhelm Maree, The Wallace dining room offers a tantalising selection of hearty local fare and expertly crafted cocktails, celebrating Scotland's culinary traditions.

Embark on a unique gastronomic journey at Ghillie's Pantry, where you can savour a wide range of whiskies and personalised tasting menus, each showcasing Scotland's diverse flavours.

Discover the allure of Scotland's past and present at the newly unveiled 100 Princes Street by Red Carnation Hotels. This stylish retreat in Edinburgh promises a rewarding experience infused with cultural, historical, and maritime