Mulled Wine with a Hit

Mulled Wine with a Hit


1x 750ml bottle of fruity red wine, Malbec or Valpolicella usually makes a good one

1 x sliced orange or clementine alternatively dried sliced orange

1 x cinnamon stick

1 x star anise

4 x cloves

1 x Bay leaf

5 x Black peppercorns

70 ml slug of good brandy

Brown Sugar (amount will depend on your level of sweet tooth)

Serves up to 6 people with one glass (125ml) or if you are greedy don’t share it with anyone.


Method (very simple):

  1. Take the wine and pour into a big saucepan, add everything to the pot (except the Brandy). Heat very gently until it comes to a simmer, then turn off to cool and infuse. (DO NOT BOIL OR YOU WILL LOSE THAT PRECIOUS ALCOHOL!)
  2. When cooled carefully taste for your sweetness, if you need to add mores sugar do it now so it dissolves quickly. Then pass the ingredients through a sieve, stir in the Brandy. If you need to warm up again do it gently and then pour into heatproof mugs, serve with a slice of orange in the glass.