Lush is offering free soap to help fight the coronavirus

Lush is offering free soap to help fight the coronavirus

Forget panic buying and empty shelves, Lush has taken a slightly more sensible approach to the global pandemic.

The best advice from government officials is to continually and thoroughly wash your hands and Lush is here to ensure that happens!

They are using their shop windows to promote the NHS issued guidelines for hand washing.

A spokeswoman from lush explained that the brand was aware of the potential difficulties of getting your hands washed when out and about.

Stating that with public toilets becoming few and far between, Lush thought it should to its part to offer an alternative for shoppers.

Lush said: "Over the years we have consistently promoted hand-washing with bar soap, both because we believe that it is better for the environment than liquid handwash in unrecyclable plastic pumps and also because it is a tried and tested route to the best hygiene.

"The winter months are always a time when hand hygiene matters because coughs and colds pass around, but the current situation with the spread of the new coronavirus means that it is more important than ever that people regularly wash their hands and observe best practice.

"It is also important that people understand the full, effective routine of washing as advised by the health authorities to maximise the removal of germs.

"At the moment it is up to all of us to do what we can to prevent the spread of illness. The advice from authorities is to wash hands regularly, particularly before eating and to avoid touching your face.

"There will be no requirement to purchase anything - our soap, our sinks and our shops will be available for anyone to use as a free service."


Emma Richardson