BrewDog is making bold eco-friendly moves

BrewDog is making bold eco-friendly moves

BrewDog have announced they will begin up-cycling cans from other brands, and use them to serve beer in. The beer giant recently published a blog post detailing a six-point plan, “BrewDog Tomorrow”, to become more environmentally friendly.

In the post, they stated “BrewDog Tomorrow outlines our commitment to do far more from a sustainability perspective. BrewDog Tomorrow is our commitment to combine brave thinking and bold action to help ensure we have a planet to make beer on for future generations.”

Customers will also be able to collect and trade in 50 empty cans to become a BrewDog Equity Punk.

The brand also noted new plans to distil “imperfect beer” into vodka to save on waste.

Interestingly, the beer company also encouraged people to brew their own beer. They say this will cut out liquid transport miles.

The proposal also briefly outlines plans to publish accountability reports and a £1 million research fund.


Emma Richardson