UKHospitality to appoint director Sandra Kelly

UKHospitality to appoint director Sandra Kelly

The move is a key commitment by the Trade Body to making skills development policy centre stage.

UKHospitality (UKH) has announced the appointment of Sandra Kelly as the new Director of Competences for the design of the Qualifications System in Hospitality, encompassing secondary, advanced and higher education with a renewed emphasis on apprenticeship opportunities and other on-the-job training.

These new roles will be crucial in the implementation of its recently launched hospitality strategy: tackling the crisis, which provides a splendid framework for joint action to tackle five key challenges facing the workforce.

UKHospitality will continue to work closely with People 1st International as a licenced sector competences council for the industry.

It will focus on short-term challenges but it will also take care of working on hospitality and taking things down a long-term and moving forward.