Two Michelin Stars for a Scottish Gem: Glenturret Lalique Shines Bright

Two Michelin Stars for a Scottish Gem: Glenturret Lalique Shines Bright

In the heart of Perthshire, Scotland, the Glenturret Lalique restaurant has been awarded an impressive accolade

"This is an ecstatic moment for us; we are all thrilled to have been awarded a second Michelin star and happy too that Scotland is getting the recognition it deserves as a gastronomic destination". - A spokesperson for Restaurant Andrew Fairlie at the Gleneagles Hotel

This esteemed recognition places it among the elite dining establishments with a coveted two Michelin stars.

Joining Restaurant Andrew Fairlie at the Gleneagles Hotel as Scotland's only dual-starred restaurants,

Glenturret Lalique now ranks alongside prestigious London venues like Dinner by Heston Blumenthal and A Wong.

A Scottish national named Mark Donald, who began working at the restaurant in 2021, achieved his initial Michelin star within a mere seven months.

His dedication to exceptional culinary artistry has now been rewarded with a second Michelin star.

The restaurant's intimate setting within Scotland's oldest working distillery adds to its unique charm and allure.

we offer a selection of five delectable meals: tattie scones, lobster prepared in paper-thin crust, red mullet, and juniper-flavored roe deer.

With prices starting from £195 per person for dinner, the Glenturret Lalique promises an unforgettable dining experience.

In the Lalique Bar, you can enjoy a selection of lunch dishes starting from just £4, which includes olives, spiced cashews, and pickles.

"Geoffrey is an experienced and knowledgeable chef who has built up a close web of suppliers which, in conjunction with the seasons, virtually writes the menu". - Michelin Guide

The extensive wine menu offers a selection of bottles, some costing thousands of pounds.

Michelin inspectors praised the restaurant for its outstanding dishes served in a luxurious setting.

Scotland's rich culinary scene continues to thrive with such distinguished accolades and dedication to excellence.

The Glenturret Lalique is open Wednesday through Saturday, providing gourmet enthusiasts with an exceptional dining experience.