Scottish Style Turkey Roulade with Haggis & Cranberry Recipe

Scottish Style Turkey Roulade with Haggis & Cranberry Recipe


  • 1x 2k or 5-pound Boned Turkey breast skin on
  • 300gm of your finest Scottish Haggis or your Haggis of preference
  • 100gm dried cranberries (rehydrated in warm orange juice approx. 100ml)
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Serves 6-8

Time to Prep

Roughly 30 minutes


  1. Place the cranberries in a pot with the orange juice, bring to the simmer, switch off and allow the cranberries to rehydrate (approximately 20mins) and then drain off excess orange juice
  2. Place the Haggis in a mixing bowl and add the drained cranberries then combine the two by mixing with your hands, then roll the mixture into a thick sausage shape the length of the Turkey breast, don’t worry if you think you have too much
  3. Take the turkey breast and lay skin side down, gently butterfly the breast and lay wide open and gently hammer the Breast to flatten out, it will make it much easier to roll
  4. Take the Haggis/Cranberry mixture and run down the centre of the Turkey breast, season with salt and pepper generously
  5. Take a roll of cling film and roll out large sheet on the work surface, place the Turkey breast at one end, gently roll the Turkey breast over the stuffing, and essentially wrap the Turkey around the Haggis/Cranberry sausage. This can be done by gently rolling the whole Breast backward and forwards on the work surface.
  6. Take a ball of Butcher string and tie up the Turkey breast along the whole length of the breast, this part can be a bit pernickety
  7. Once you have rolled it all the way around and tied up get a new sheet of cling film on the work surface, place the Breast at the end again and then roll around and tie off the ends of the cling film, do this 2/3 times with a new piece of cling film every time. We are essentially steam roasting the breast by using natural juices of the turkey and cranberries. Finally wrap in tinfoil tightly and tie up the ends.
  8. Cook at 190.C for approx 100 minutes or 1hr 40mins and leave to rest for 10/15 minutes before serving.

Extra Tips

  1. If needing a quick gravy, pour some of the cooking juices from one end of the roulade into a small pot (through a sieve) bring to boil and thicken with preferred thickening agent (I DID SAY IT WAS QUICK…JOHN WAYNE ESQUE)
  2. Take the excess Haggis/Cranberry stuffing and make mini sausage rolls with a sheet of ready rolled puff pastry
  3. You will have or should have leftovers (depends how hungry your Xmas guests are) Turkey Roulade. Keep for sandwiches on boxing day by thinly slicing the roulade well if you like eating cold haggis or even what I like to do is gently fry for breakfast and whack on a fried egg delicious.