Scottish retailer opens first flagship store showcasing top foods

Scottish retailer opens first flagship store showcasing top foods

A store in central Scotland which aims to 'best independent food producers under the one roof for the first time', has opened for business, it has been claimed today.

SDX shows the works of hundreds of artists and designers in three shops in Glasgow and Edinburgh as well as via its online shop.

Delicatessen dealers include Hoods Honey, an East Lothian-based firm which has more than 200 hiving plants and 13 million bees which date back to the 1930s.

The store will also shop for cookies, chocolate, oatcakes, soft drinks, herbs, spices and spices.

The new venture was invented by Lynzi Leroy, head of the not-for-profit Scottish design exchange.

Ms Leroy announced there were plans to open further foodie stores across Scotland if the Buchanan Galleries Outlet is successful.

Foodies will share the same business model as SDX and provide a presence on the street for small, independent growers who need to pay a fixed monthly fee to rent space in the store and keep 100% of their turnover.

Leroy has said the launch of the new store will be a response to the "overwhelming demand from SDX traders and customers for a dedicated food store"