Restaurants/Bars in Scotland: Buzzworks hires personnel in Edinburgh

Restaurants/Bars in Scotland: Buzzworks hires personnel in Edinburgh

Buzzworks has kicked off a recruitment campaign to back the opening of Buzzworks' new herringbone bar and restaurant in Edinburgh.

The Ayrshire-headquartered firm, owned by Kenny Blair, bought independent Scottish restaurant Heringbone in April last year.

Ash Bairstow, operating director of Heringbone, said: "As we further expand the Herringbone brand, we're proud to progress as part of the Buzzworks family and create more opportunities for those keen to work with a Scottish

hospitality employer that is consistently known for supporting its employees throughout every step of their career.

Vacancies for Fischgrat at Royal Terrace Gardens include management, kitchen and front office duties.

The property is conveniently located at 3 Royal Terrace Gardens, on the corner of London Road and Easter Road in Abbeyhill, and is expected to open this spring.

The company was rated 77th in the UK and 12th in the leisure and accommodation sector, and 16th overall in Scotland.

Highly sought after brands include Scotts, House, Lido Troon, Vic's & The Vine, The Duke, Thirty Knots, The Bridge Inn, The Fox and Herringbone North Berwick.