Michelin Guide Glasgow restaurant Julie's Kopitiam set to close

Michelin Guide Glasgow restaurant Julie's Kopitiam set to close

Scottish singer Paolo Nutini paid a visit to the restaurant last week and staff members referred to the musician as a 'hero'.

Julie's Kopitiam, opened in the south side of the city five years ago, and spearheaded by the famed chef and former MasterChef quarter-finalist Julie Lin has made its mark on the food contest scene since.

In a video uploads of the same post Julie added: 'with any business at the moment we are all going through a bit of a tough time. We've had a couple of rough years with Covid and very many factors that have led to this point and it's with very mixed emotions right now because it's with a heavy heart that I say bye.

The small but mighty resort has since won a jaw-dropping list of awards as a result of Julie's Kopitiam menu of authentic Malaysian dishes and first appeared on a recent episode of The Hairy Bikers Go Local.

And it was not long before Paolo Nutini had even paid them the right amount of time as they snapped a photo together.

In a shock post tonight, Julie shared the news of the impending closure on Instagram.

'But also with a very positive note that I've got another restaurant' Gaga said, alluding to the Partick-based restaurant.