Glasgow: Safe transport home for guest workers to to be guaranteed

Glasgow: Safe transport home for guest workers to to be guaranteed

Glasgow Metropolis Council has passed a motion that would force hospitality firms looking to get an extension for their licence to provide late night hours on their buses for staff.

A campaign encouraging employers to allow all staff to get home late at night free and safe has received support from city councillors.

Unite the Union worked with the City Councillors, Eunis Jassemi, Holly Bruce and Anthony Carroll, to support the movement which is ready to see staff in bars and restaurants having a free and safe post-11pm hour entrance.

It was set up by Unite after union member Caitlin Lee was sexually assaulted on the way home from work after her employer, a five-star hotel chain, failed to supply her with a taxi home after she left a 12pm public night's work.

Anthony Carroll, an inexperienced East Sussex district councillor, said that people working late nights "usually need to depend on precarious provision of public transport or non-public rent to get residence safely"

Its campaign has been backed with support from councils across Sheffield, Newcastle, Edinburgh, East Dunbartonshire, North Ayrshire, Falkirk and Dundee where workers are already beginning to see the benefits of safe, free transport home behind their final bus, train or tram.

Holly Bruce, Scottish Greens councillor for the borough of Langside, thanked activists for their work.