Darcie Maher set to open Lannan Bakery in Edinburgh next month

Darcie Maher set to open Lannan Bakery in Edinburgh next month

Named Lannan, after English Gaelic when it first happened, "house" will be the second new company to allow Maher to re-engage with Founders James Snowdon and Lloyd Morse of The Palmerston, who will

once again support the business alongside Chloe Black of the Edinburgh Butter Company.

The bakery, which will have a stand-alone shop of its own in the near future, will primarily be for take-out, but customers will also be able to access the outdoor benches as a warm, sunny day unfolds.

Maher, a self taught baker recently went on the hunt for some of the most exciting cooks in the world today in the confectionery and baking world.

Curious customers can also catch a glimpse of events in the large counter which serves as the center of the ground floor.

With a large counter area opening out onto an open kitchen table, the decor will combine traditional quarry tiles with detailed claddings and brass fittings to create a "warm, welcoming space"

On the more hearty side, there are pies and Pala Romana sandwiches made with cold meats and cheeses from I.J. Mellis and The Ham & Cheese Co. and coffee from the Obadiah roasting shop.

Aside from the bakery, plans also set up their own food shop, due to open at the beginning of next year.

Authentic favourites like yum yums and ice cream tarts will also be on sale with limited creations made from local and seasonal produce including lemon meringue cakes, dauphinois pastries, and crème brûlée