Glasgow's Byres Road to become a retail, food and beverage hub

Glasgow's Byres Road to become a retail, food and beverage hub

A complete revamp of one of Glasgow's most popular streets has been approved and construction is expected to begin in January 2023.

The cabinet of the Glasgow City Council today has approved the public works to make Byres Road a prime retail, hospitality and beverage location.

In order to create a vibrant population-oriented place focused on pedestrians, the project aims at modernising the roadway of Byres Road, improving the economic dynamics of shops and services and making the area more cyclically and environmentally friendly.

The first phase will begin next year and be completed by summer 2024, this will be part junction with Universitätsallee, in the university.

A second stage - between University Avenue and Great Western Road - will commence after the first phase has been completed.

The project's blueprints have been confirmed following a series of commitments and workshops.

Councillor Susan Aitken, leader of Glasgow Council and leader of the cabinet on Glasgow City Areas, said: "Residents, businesses and everybody coming to Byres Road deserve a chance to enjoy this work that will make a real difference to their home in the city, raise the quality of the sidewalks and public spaces, and make it easier for people to bypass this great Glasgow street."