40-Year Hotel Veteran Takes Helm of Tynecastle Park's Groundbreaking Hotel

40-Year Hotel Veteran Takes Helm of Tynecastle Park's Groundbreaking Hotel

Derek Paterson, a seasoned hospitality professional with over two decades of experience, has been named as the first hotel manager for Tynecastle Park in Edinburgh

This appointment comes following Hearts Football Club's announcement to launch Scotland's inaugural club-owned and operated 25-bedroom hotel and events space within the iconic football stadium.

Paterson, a native of North Queensferry, will head an in-house team at Tynecastle Park Hotel, which is seamlessly integrated into the main stand at the renowned Tynecastle Park.

This person, with experience in hotel and hospitality management, will be in charge of both the launch process and ongoing management of the hotel's operations.

We're delighted to welcome Derek to the team as our first hotel manager. - Graeme Pacitti

At Edinburgh's Carlton Hotel and Westerwood Hotel, where Paterson previously held positions in management, he accrued substantial experience in banquet and food and beverage management in addition

to his duties as a hotel manager at Dakota Hotels.

He expressed excitement about embarking on this new endeavor as Hearts celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2024.

Six modernized meeting and conference rooms will be provided by the hotel, specifically for corporations and business tourists.

We're elated to have Derek Paterson join us as the head of hotel operations at Tynecastle Park.

In line with Hearts' commitment to fostering local talent, it has been reported that preference will be given to applicants from the local area during the recruitment process.

With the hotel set to open this winter, patrons can expect a unique experience by staying at Tynecastle Park Hotel, combining the charm of Scottish football tradition with modern hospitality amenities.