Wendy’s set to return to the UK

Wendy’s set to return to the UK

Popular American burger chain Wendy’s is in talks to return to the UK after almost 20 years. After teasing Londoners with a 4-hour pop up event in 2017, Wendy’s fans have been speculating the return of the chain avidly. Many assumed this was a small trial run for what could be a return to the UK.

Finally, there seems to be progress. Wendy’s recently presented to investors, stating that they were looking to return to the UK within 12 to 18 months.

Wendy’s did have about 10 sites in the UK in the 90s, however, due to rising property costs retreated to focus their efforts on conquering the North American market.

The re-launch of Wendy’s has been likened to Five Guys in 2013, which seen queues out the door. Five Guys now have over 100 restaurants in the UK, with more planned.


Emma Richardson