New 5* Red Carnation Hotel to hit Princes Street

New 5* Red Carnation Hotel to hit Princes Street

Red Carnation Hotels have announced that they will be taking over the Royal Over-Seas League building. The historic building is located at 100 Princes Street and will home 30 rooms.

The company have revealed that they will be styled similarly to their sites in London.

Edinburgh City Council received documents from Red Carnation Hotels saying: Red Carnation Hotels propose to respectfully renovate the property, transforming it into an exclusive retreat on Edinburgh’s most famous street.

"They will replicate the boutique atmosphere of their Forbes five-star London property Hotel 41 with meticulous care and attention to the listed building’s interior and embrace its history and heritage.

"Existing function rooms at First and Second Floors will be converted into bedrooms, increasing the total number of bedrooms from 20 to 30 keys."

When the refurbishment is complete, the second floor will have a bar lounge that looks out onto Edinburgh Castle.



Emma Richardson