Marks & Spencer change Percy Pig recipe

Marks & Spencer change Percy Pig recipe

Fans of well-loved sweets, Percy Pig, are disappointed with new changes to the recipe. Percy Pig sweets orginally got their infamous texture from gelatine, a animal product derived from bones. In a recent redevelopment of the sweets, Marks and Spencer cut the ingredient in order to make the treats suitable for vegetarians. M&S claim the flavour of the sweets is the exact same and has not been affected.

Some customers diagreed.

Taking to Twitter one customer explaimed "Absolutely disgusting!"

Another saying "it's just not the same". 

Another tweeted"if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Marks and Spencer have responded to the outcry on twitter, "For the last eight years we have been working to help our favourite pig move away from using pork gelatine". They stated that the removal of gelatine was actually down to customer demand.

"After a lot of hard work we’ve finally perfected a 100 per cent vegetarian Percy – something our customers have been asking us for, for a while.”

“With gelatine phased out, Percy can be enjoyed by even more people whilst reducing the carbon footprint from making them.”


Emma Richardson