Edinburgh named second most vegan-friendly city in Britain

Edinburgh named second most vegan-friendly city in Britain

A recent study carried out by Nisbets, has named Edinburgh Britain's second-best city for vegan and vegetarians. Glasgow came third. The study surveyed 1,000 UK residents and required them to rate how often they visited vegan or vegetarian specific restaurants or cafes and how available this was to them.

Veganism had a massive growth spurt in the UK, with a report last year claiming one third of Brits have stopped or reduced their meat intake. It is estimated that around 6.5 million adults in the UK now consider themselves vegan or vegetarian.

As a result, Nisbet ran a survey to find the city hat was most well equipped for the new demand of meat-free food.

Here is the top 10:

  1. Norwich
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Glasgow
  4. Newcastle
  5. Bristol
  6. Manchester
  7. Liverpool
  8. Cardiff
  9. Southampton
  10. Nottingham

Notably, London just missed a spot in the top ten, coming in at 11. 

Choosing a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is most common amongst 25-34 year olds, with around one in every ten claiming the diet. However, perhaps surprisingly, the elderly are also partaking, with one in ten retaining a 'flexitarian' diet - meaning they reduce their meat consumption considerably. The study also revealed that men are twice as likely to adhere to a plant-based diet as women are.

Around 5.8 million Brits chose to eat out at a vegan or vegetarian-specific restaurant at least once per week.



Emma Richardson