BrewDog has been named UK's fastest growing brand

BrewDog has been named UK's fastest growing brand

Eccentric beer company, BrewDog, has been named the fastest-growing brand in the UK. The brand also made 'Brand Finance's' latest list of most valuable brands, coming in at 71. The brand value is said to have increased by 89% in the last year, and is set to reach £1.2 billion. In April, Brewdog chased a further £7 million from investors at Equity for Punks.

“Known for its flavoursome ales and creative packaging, the brand now owns 80 global locations and is expanding rapidly, both here in the UK and abroad, as it seeks new sites in Exeter, and notably announced plans recently for its craft beer hotel concept.”

Brand Finance claimed 2019's total brand value for the UK's top 150 companies increased by 10% to £369.1 billlion. Shell, EY and BP were the front runners, individually worth between £17bn and £32.9bn.

Industries such as retail, insurance, professional serives, tourism and leisure have seen continual brand growth, teasing pliability from Brexit. Top performers within these sectors include Tesco, Aviva and British Airways.

Chief executive of Brand Finance (a brand valuation and strategy consultancy), David Haigh said:

“Despite the weaker pound and the ongoing Brexit saga, this year’s UK 150 brands show a surprising level of resilience. Lower petrol prices, cheaper flights and the continued desire to have a holiday are benefiting airline, hospitality and retail brands.”


Emma Richardson