Boohoo's "ethically sourced" line faces backlash

Boohoo's "ethically sourced" line faces backlash

Boohoo released a 34-piece recycled fashion line on 18th June but it has since faced backlash, many claiming it as a marketing gimmick. 

The fast-fashion giant explained that the range is made using recycled polyester that would otherwise end up in landfills. The clothing does not use any dyes or chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Some of the garments have also been made in the UK to decrease air pollution. Boohoo claims that this is just the beginning of ‘green initiatives’.

However, many people viewed the line as a hypocritical marketing tactic. One shoppers on Oxford Street told the BBC, “If someone really cared about buying ethically sourced, green clothes then they wouldn’t shop at Boohoo”. Many also noticed that the launch happened to coincide with a report conducted by the Environmental Audit Committee (EAC), which condemned Boohoo.

MPs have also warned that many companies are creating vast amounts of waste by selling cheap clothes, marketed to only be worn a once or twice. They said that synthetic fabrics used to make these clothes, shed microfibers whilst being washed, which can pollute waterways.

The EAC made 18 proposals in their report, including a new initiative that would charge companies 1p per garment to put towards funding for clothes recycling. They also suggested a ban on incinerating or landfilling unsold stock that could be recycled.

The UK Government has already responded to say that is will not implement any of the ideas.