3 Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For Revenue Jobs

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Applying For Revenue Jobs

If you are looking to increase your opportunities in being selected for that plum revenue job then here are 3 mistakes to avoid when applying for that job.

The three mistakes that applying candidates often make when looking for a revenue job are:

  • Making sure they are up reto speed with their knowledge of local competitor analysis
  • Revising what they do in the local market in regards to what can drive the dynamics of the city or the town and what I know
  • Web technology we all have it however very often we make the mistake of outlining what we do with it

So what exactly do we make sure we do in order to avoid those 3 mistakes so we can increase our opportunities in getting that revenue job, quite simply make sure we know what we usually all ready know however fail to tell the interviewer as we often take these things for granted and in so doing so we miss out on fully demonstrating our overall knowledge and experience within the area of doing a revenue job

Let’s look at how we avoid those 3 mistakes in a couple of brief lines so that we can increase that revenue jobs opportunity

Competitor analysis; more often that not applying candidates fail to take account of explaining who they have within their competitor set and how they react to them, this is a major revenue job priority and one that if you are on the top of your game you can indeed earn your company substantial additional revenue over your competitors.

Local market dynamics: most organisations have a process and a procedure to deal with rate loading however one of the mistakes that candidates often make is not explaining how they keep ahead of local market activities, most large organizations will have an idea of large city events, however they can often come undone by perhaps not being up to date with a local stadium concert which is being played by a grade one celebrity or an announcement that something is going to be launched in the city.

Web technology: we all have it, we are all aware of different systems however we often make the mistake by not fully shouting what we actually as individuals do with it regarding to local emails, targeted campaigns and special offers for example 2 for 1 deals, more often than not we avoid talking about technology as we make the mistake in pre-empting that it might be a system that we do not know. In reality all systems will have a common theme so make sure you shout about all the things you do.

So remember the next time you see that plum revenue job being advertised ensure you brush up on making sure you avoid those 3 mistakes that most candidates make, and hopefully in so doing you will hopefully increase your opportunity in getting that revenue job.