Northampton hotel’s electric car boost

Northampton hotel’s electric car boost

Ashish Gupta is seeing an increase in business at his hotel from electric cars

Motorists are charging ahead in the shift from fuel to electric vehicles, according to a Northampton hotel

Earlier this summer the government announced that the sale of all petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2040, and the Campanile Hotel on Grange Park near the M1 motorway is already reporting a strong increase in visitors using their six Tesla supercharging stations for their Model S and Model X vehicles.
The hotel’s turnover from bedroom bookings and restaurant visits while people visit the venue as their vehicles are being charged has nearly doubled from £550 a month in 2016, to £950 a month in 2017 so far.

Ashish Gupta, general manager at the Campanile Northampton hotel, said: “The usage of the supercharging stations has stepped up a gear over the past year even before the government’s announcement, with more people travelling to and from London in Tesla vehicles.

“We’ve been ahead of the curve for some time having had these charging points installed at the hotel for two and a half years, helping to tackle air pollution.

“And their presence is now well and truly paying off, particularly now the countdown is on to the end of petrol and diesel cars.

“Drivers plugging in to a Tesla supercharger are able to recharge their vehicle up to 50 per cent in as little as 20 minutes or add approximately 170 miles in just half an hour.

“The hotel is also located right next to the M1 motorway, making it a convenient place to stop for a break and charge from Leeds to London.

“This is perfect footfall for our restaurant, as many drivers pop in for a coffee or a bite to eat while they’re waiting.”