Deliveroo launches ordering technology that could ‘save restaurants millions’

Deliveroo launches ordering technology that could ‘save restaurants millions’

Designed to streamline the ordering process and help make delivery orders simpler for restaurant staff, the new tech will automatically upload orders into a restaurant’s sales system without manual input from staff.

The system will save restaurants millions of pounds by reducing errors and allowing them to concentrate staff resources on front of house operations, the company said.

Mike Hudack, Deliveroo’s chief technology officer, said: “Our partners have told us that integrating with their sales systems is a key way for Deliveroo to help make delivery easier for them and that’s why we’ve invested in making this happen.

“By doing this through an API we’ve made integration as straightforward as possible regardless of what kind of system a restaurant is using for point of sale.

Cutting out needless time inputting orders into sales systems allows front of staff to focus on delivering an amazing dine-in experience while boosting revenues and orders through delivery.”

Deliveroo said that in trials of the system the results have been transformative.

Initial tests show a cut in the order processing time from around 2.5 minutes to around 30 seconds. 


Article credit: The Caterer