Consumers spending more on nights out and going out more often

Consumers spending more on nights out and going out more often

That is according to the latest Deltic Night Index, which suggests a healthy night time economy on the high street.

The Index revealed that 56.4% of British consumers are going on a night out at least once a week – up from 54.5% this time last year. This figure rises to almost 70% among 18 to 30-year olds (69.3%).

The amount of consumers going out two to three times a week and four to six times a week has also increased by 0.9% and 0.2% respectively since last quarter.

Pubs continue to be the type of late night leisure consumers spend the most money on each month overall (26.3%), though this switches to clubs among 18 to 30-year olds, with a quarter (25.5%) stating this.

Going out with a partner has become much more popular. When asked who they go out with usually on a night out, the number of respondents who cited their partner increased by more than 5% since last quarter, to 19.8%.

Peter Marks, chief executive of the Deltic Group, said: “This Deltic Night Index perhaps shows most clearly what I have made it my mission to share: that a town’s late-night activity has a directly positive effect on the economic health of the town or city it’s in.

“That said, even I was surprised that 83% of those surveyed buy new clothes or accessories in preparation for a night out – a huge proportion. Added to that is the support that consumers give their local hairdressers, beauty salons and shops before the evening starts, at which point they will spend further on tickets, food, drinks and other experiences out of the home.”

The report surveyed more than 2,300 people, covering the three months from February to April 2018.


Article credit: The Caterer