Brexit – BBPA comments on leaked Home Office migration document

Brexit – BBPA comments on leaked Home Office migration document

“This document suggests that there may be a cap on low-skilled workers which would undermine the needs of the pub industry, where we rely a great deal on those with the soft skills needed to provide great hospitality.

“Whilst the brewing and pub sector does employ thousands of UK citizens, 17 per cent of our 900,000 employees are from overseas and this rises to 40 per cent plus, in metropolitan areas. For some companies it is much higher, particularly for kitchen staff.”

“The UK’s low unemployment rates are going to make it extremely hard to replace these employees with UK nationals. If there were to be a cap for EU employees, it must be at a level that can sustain our industry.

“It is however, good to read that the Government will be taking on board the views of the Migration Advisory Committee.  The BBPA is already in touch with the Committee and they are keen to meet with us.

“Overall, there must be a greater understanding of the needs of our sector from Government, if we are to continue to compete for customers and provide the service and quality expected from overseas and domestic visitors; some 14 million of which visit the great British pub every week.”