5 Things to know about Thai Food

5 Things to know about Thai Food

With the UK poised to experience Thai fast food Restaurant chains, we found out some interesting things you may not know about Thai food!

Dishes Aren’t Always Easy To Find

Dishes and Thailand often tend to be region-specific, this means that dishes people love and eat in the North cannot be found in the South of Thailand. Meaning that a popular dish such as gaeng hanglay is a favourite in the north of Thailand but is rare to find out-with. People wanting a specific dish may have to travel to find it!

It Is Very Sugar Orientated

It is common for a spoonful or more of sugar to be added in to a Thai dish while it is being prepared. This is done as Thai food tries to incorporate all flavours into its cuisine: spicy, sour, salty and sweet.

3 Meals a Day

Thai dishes can be eaten throughout all times of the day. It is often found that some dishes may be in demand in the morning however they are still popular in the evening, there is no distinction between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Fried and Grilled Treats

Those who reside in Thailand seem to only crave grilled and fried foods, if you’re looking for the likes of pasta or baked good you have come to the wrong place!

No Forks!

People often use a spoon to eat their Thai food, using a fork to push the food onto the spoon. This is not usual dining antiquate but is seen as normal in Thailand, chopsticks can be used also but this is only for noodles.